Transactional SMS

Unlike Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS is used to send informational content to the known people in your contact circle. These people may be your customers, clients, students or any other kind of people who are affected by your services.

transactional sms
Transactional SMS

For example, If you are a school manager then you may send informational content like “School will be closed from this date to this date” or “Fees due for this month, please deposit as soon as possible”. Similarly, when you withdraw money from ATM, then an alert message reaches to your inbox saying, “The amount XYZ is debited from your account ABC”, etc. So all these kind of messages is known as Transactional SMS.

Transactional SMS can be used in the following ways:

  1. School or College send message to student’s parents regarding notices.
  2. Bank sends an alert message after debiting or crediting a certain amount from the customer’s account.
  3. During the registration process on any website like Facebook, Yahoo, etc user get OTP message to continue.
  4. During online payment, transaction bank sends OTP to verify user for security purposes.
  5. Railway sends PNR status when someone book a Reserved Journey Ticket.
  6. Any organization can send information or alerts to its employees or customers regarding anything.

Transactional SMS Features:

  1. You may send SMS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. There is no time limitation in sending messages.
  2. You may send SMS with 6 digits alphabetical sender id like TA-SNDSMS, etc.
  3. You may send SMS on DND numbers also.

Transaction SMS Pricing:

Transactional SMS pricing remain slightly higher than promotional SMS as in this segment delivery ration must be 100% and message must be reached in time. If the message will not reach in time then it means nothing. For updated prices please click on the price menu above this page. Normally transactional SMS price varies between 10 paise to 11 paise.

Integration API Code:

You may integrate transactional SMS to your website or APP to send a message when any user or customer register on your portal. We will provide API. But here we clear that you must have technical knowledge regarding this. If you don’t know how to integrate API to your website then we will help you regarding this.

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