Promotional SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS is used to send business proposals and advertisement message to anonymous people. If you are a school and want to send an advertisement message like – “Admission open, hurry up. The last date of admission is dd/mm/yyyy”. Then, this is called a promotional SMS. Similarly, if you want to send an offer, you may also send. Promotional SMS is used in the following ways:

Promotional Bulk SMs
Promotional SMS
  1. Telecom companies send their offers like – “recharge with Rs. 49 and get 500 MB date for a month”, etc.
  2. School or College send messages regarding Admission open.
  3. So many small companies send their offers.
  4. Online shopping companies send their offer details.
  5. During election time, various political parties send their candidates details to get the votes.

Promotional Bulk SMS Features:

  • Sender I’d of Six letter alphabets only – for example, AB-SNDSMS
  • Contact management system.
  • Quick delivery reports for every campaign.
  • API for your website or APP.
  • Send SMS in English or any Indian regional languages for better communication.
  • Schedule your SMS for future Date & Time.
  • Instant and quick delivery within 5-8 seconds.
  • Time limitation: 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • No delivery on DND numbers (DND Filters).
  • Free database support from 1 lakh or above packages only. ( We don’t provide any confirmation or authenticity of the database)
  • Unlimited Validity for all Packages.
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How to Promote Business with Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

In today’s age, Bulk SMS is the requirement of every business. If you are planning for any business, then you should also plan for its promotion. Because without promotion, not any business can get success. There are so many means of promotion over the internet, and digital marketing is one out of them.

Business Promotion with Bulk SMS

Digital Marketing is a very wide concept to understand. The very first thing is that you should do a course in digital marketing. For that, you can make a search on Google or go through any reputed academy for this purpose. If you don’t want to learn digital marketing course then don’t worry, there are so many digital marketing companies who are providing their service for the same.

Now after finalizing the digital marketing company for your business promotion, the next thing is that you have to buy bulk SMS from any premium bulk SMS service providers, and here you can buy bulk SMS from

After purchasing promotional bulk SMS, you have to create a campaign and start sending SMS. In this way, you can send thousands of text SMS directly to the inbox of the people of your interest to make a lead.

This is the very cheapest and smartest way to send your proposal or offer to the desired people. A report has stated that 90% of the people open their mobile text inbox or WhatsApp to read the SMS, while only 20% of people read their emails in a timely manner. So, just buy bulk SMS from to grow your business.