The reality of Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider

Today we will explain the reality of Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider who has made a very good position in Bulk SMS Market in the last 3 or 4 years.  In actual they are not the cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider, they only pretend to be Bulk SMS Provider.  

Any new customers who want to buy Bulk SMS don’t know the actual game behind these companies.  The actual mechanism is Delivery Cut off System.  

Delivery Cut-Off System and Actual Game Behind The Scenes

Suppose you have bought 1 Lakh SMS from these cheapest or we can say cheater SMS Companies, then in your account Balance SMS Credit will be shown 1 Lakh, but in actual you only have 20,000-30,000 SMS in your account, rest is only Virtual SMS Credit in your Account. Virtual Credit System plays a very important role in this System. Virtual Credit means only a number which means nothing.

The customer thinks that he has 1 Lakh SMS in his/her account, but in actual, he has only 20,000 or 30,000 SMS in his account, rest is only a number. 

Now a question arises that if there is a cut of about 60% -70% then how SMS delivers? So we are explaining the actual logic here.  If you send 1 or 2 SMS to anybody then there will be no cut and all SMS will deliver.  

But if you Push SMS in bulk like 500 to 1 Lakh then only 20% or 30% SMS are submitted to SMSC and hence only 20% to 30% SMS Deliver and rest does not deliver. 

Another Question is there, and that is about the Delivery Report.  The delivery report of these cheapest SMS companies is above 80% and sometimes it shows up to 95% delivery, so is it real or fake?

The answer to this question is that the delivery report of these companies is totally fake. Their SMPP Application System is designed in such a way that they generate a fake delivery report.

Even the message is not delivered on any number but it shows status as Delivered. Thus the customer thinks that messages have been reached, but when he contacts his clients then he comes to know that in actual no message has reached to their mobile inbox.

At this time he calls to these Cheapest SMS Providers and asks them about this event, but these SMS companies cleverly try to conveyance them there may be network failure, mobile may not be in range or switch off, inbox may be full or so many unexpected ideas.  

But these ideas don’t solve the customer’s problem and then he searches for any reliable SMS providers. Because these cheapest SMS providers are not cheapest, because if you calculate cost per SMS, then you will find that the actual cost is above 10 paise.

Suppose you bought 1 Lakh Bulk SMS at the rate of 3 paise i.e. at 3000/- and the actual delivery rate is only 30% (which you don’t know), in this condition the SMS cost per 1 Lakh SMS for 100% delivery will be 3000/30*100 = 10,000. That means you paid 3000/- for only 30,000 SMS not for 1 Lakh SMS.  

Don’t be Fool Anymore

So don’t be a fool anymore and be smart because in the market the actual rate of Bulk SMS is above 10 paise for 100% Delivery. Even you buy a small quantity of SMS like 5,000 or 10,000 but you must go ahead with SMS Companies who provide premium SMS with 100% delivery ratio.

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